the zohar creates light

the book of illumination.  light burns if you do not stay in the blue part of the flame. purity of intent protects us from the desire for power, which is the snake.

  I fill up with the essence of light by observing the way it works in nature.  everything is a web of light and desire to recreate in order to exist.  but– now we no longer need to die.  things are changing rapidly.  we can regenerate limbs and teeth now–we have unlocked the genetic code for creating life…stem cells.  this is the potentially good stuff.
  The bad stuff is that this tech is in the hands of really unsavory types.  I attempt to force their mental and moral evolution.  I do not wish ill for Dick Cheney, because I wish ill for no one.  I am not like the evil doers.  I am against torture.  I am praying for a gay soldier, Bradley Manning, a tortured political prisoner.  Bradley wanted people to know what was being done in their names and with their money. 
   PEREZ HILTON should take up his cause, as should all who opposed prop 8!  This is a gay soldier under torture for telling americans the truth.  assange is up for a nobel prize and bradley is rotting in prison, tortured 24-7.  DO ASK DO TELL!!