darkness dawns in america as MONSATAN destroys the food chain

and the innocent children of america’s single mothers–those who eat school lunches (kids of poor mothers mostly) are to be fed mon-satan’s monsterous cancer producing snacks, through infected cow by-products.  They will be studied by government nutritionists for the effects on them.  The types of cancers they acquire will be detailed and the data recorded for big pharma.  children of america, your old granny is trying to help stop this holocaust by writing these words to alert your drug addicted parents to the bad bad job they are doing looking out for you.  they stay ignorant on purpose, because the drugs they use make them that way.  It’s not their fault–this is a nation of drunkards and drug addicts, and superstitious religious fanatics.  Sorry kids!  Nazis broke the legs of little children in Auschwitz and studied the way their bones healed.  this is the ghetto before the trains come.