Pele will make you into a lesbian farmer

Lesbians are indeed the most magic people on earth, as I have long thought.  I have seen them move mountains as soon as they get past the needing men thing.  These gals are some heavy duty gals–Gorgeous And Tidal Sisters.  They know how to get things done, and are usually called Bitches by the Patriarchy. Straight women who provide for many many dependents are also called bitches, with great frequency. I want one million “bitches” (straight and Lesbian) to stand with me this year on mother’s day in lafayette park washington dc and to demand of our government total accountability to the taxpaying mothers of America!  I want them to justify to Pele, the Goddess Of Hawaii, why they allow genetic mutation to occur in the US food chain.  Pele is filling me with green goddess energy.  Deeper breathing is possible in the rain forest.  Keep Monsanto (a possible division of SATAN INC.) out of the rain forests.  No pirating of living cells and organs, Satan!  Die Satan Die Babylon!  king david and haille selassi.  me too.