pain pills:

took three yesterday since my back was thrown out of whack.  How can people walk around on all these drugs?  They said Jerry Lewis took forty of these per day!  The men need new medications to make them shut up more and leave things to women.  The drugs that women are on they must immediately begin to give to their  husbands.  the psych drugs calm women down and that calms men down.  What the correct thing to do is—give the men more self esteem and they will be able to listen to women, which is the only thing that can save this shitty fucking world right now.  Raise the men’s self esteem.  They need women to tell them they are smart or else their actual whining baby nature will be loosed upon the world!

  let the men think they are smarter.  They will be easier to fool!  Stop degrading yourselves just to get a needy fucker that fights with you all the time.  Become a Lesbian and Defend this Country!  I truly believe that it is the Lesbian Troops that are keeping our country out of the poorhouse!  Their dedication is not returned by the very country they are fighting for!  Lesbian and Gay Troops, I implore you—get out of the service as fast as you can and begin to help me build a Green America!!
elect me!!  I will serve you and I will tell you the absolute honest to God’s truth about the truth of what is happening to you, as God Almighty is my witness and my very ARM!!
rock of ages let our song praise thy saving power
thou amidst the raging foe wast our sheltering tower
furious they assailed us
but Thine Arm availed us
and Thy Word broke their Sword
when our own strength failed us!
Satan is Dead!  Satan is Death Itself!  I heard that science killed him once and for all.  The Goddess told me that was what Monsanto has also helped in bringing. They say Monsanto made a vegetable resistant to aluminum, and that is necessary to survive the aluminum poisoning of the waters.  Hawaii is where they conduct all of their Biological Experiments on the food chain.  This is where all of the Lightworkers have moved.  We must stand against those who mean our destruction, and the destruction of the island of Pele, the last Goddess on earth.  If Monsanto is doing what is good, then explain it to us right now!   We want information about our environment that is not from scientists for hire, but honest to god scientists who know the Truth of the Truth!  God Help America!! Until then I am a farmer, and I am raising organic crops too.  NOT CANNIBUS, NOTHING ILLEGAL– (unless heirloom tomatoes are illegal?  Leave native farmers alone.  They grow taro.  leave the taro alone, do not clone it—leave mother pele alone, she is the volcano that still roars.  IT’S NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE). 
  I want to kiss mariel hemingway again on tv, especially now that she is out there fighting for organic issues!  Chem trails are poisoning our kids!  Mariel get ready to pucker up honey!  You are a Goddess!