litigious monsanto does not want me to be able to claim

that bananas are going extinct as in this report, because of spraying chem-trails in the air above us and by Genetically Modified Organisms.  Now that we have no bees, we can’t have a food chain at all– dead birds dead fish and disappearing water, and the deaths of millions of innocent children means less than nothing to satan’s hordes compared to Profit.  Satan loves death, man made disease and more than anything else, he loves religious people making a profit from these things.  If I run into any of the Monsanto family at a synagogue in this world, I will go right up to them and say, “You sir, or madam, need to open your eyes, and re-educate yourselves as to the meaning of right and wrong, for the sake of Hashem.”  If I am wrong about Monsanto then let me know!  I invite your participation in getting the truth to the voters who pay your taxes for you!