there is a G-d! Truth is G-d.

Truth is the Highest Level of the Upper Pyramid, the point of origin.  Truth brings Justice.  It is up to Us, the Just to mete out Justice mixed with Mercy.  Mercy is the female aspect of God, Binah.  Binah is the Path of the Mother.  If you follow the path of the mother, you will reach Peace in this lifetime, instant enlightenment. 

 This is what enlightenment is about:  You realize that you are nothing special at all, everyone else is the center of the Universe too!  Join up with them and help them and find something to agree on right away!  Let’s all agree on this:  We must get the food to the hungry.  That matters most.  then lets move on to birth control and to unions.  the grandmothers union of tunisia is showing us all how to change the world for good!  simply:  GET RID OF THE ASSHOLES AT THE TOP WHO CAUSE ALL THE PROBLEMS.  ARREST THEM AND BRING THEM TO JUSTICE IN A FAIR TRIAL HELD WITHIN TEN DAYS.  THEY CAN ALL BE PROVEN GUILTY OR NOT WITHIN ONE WEEK.  THEN THEY MUST BE SENTENCED BY A COURT OF GRANDMOTHERS TO PUBLIC SERVICE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.  IF THEY ENRICH THEMSELVES AT THE EXPENSE OF CHILD SLAVES AGAIN, THEY WILL GO TO THE GUILLOTINES!–Presidential Hopeful Roseanne Barr, 2012