the light shines on tunisia 

the people have stood together to throw the bums out–

definition of a bum according to your old crackpot granny:  one who profits from weapons and war.
let’s bring on the reign of the Prince of Peace NOW! 
  anti-christs:  those who love war.
  Jesus was my own cousin!  You people forget that the jews are still among you!  Sarah Palin, I know you used the words “Blood Libel” ignorantly.  These words are the Equivilent of the word NIGGER to we Jews!  Apologize to the Jews for what you are bringing on their heads here in America by using those ugliest and deadliest of anti-semitic words.Next will you reference “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?”
   As a woman of G-d Almighty, (I ask you to) stop using words against the Jewish American Liberals!  We follow the words of Our G-d, Hashem, which means Peace.  Those who follow peace are the pilgrims and the sheep of David, King of Israel.  who was David?  He was the founder of MY TRIBE.  am i the jewish crazy horse? 
  this is shabbat, the devil’s day off–there is no negativity that can manifest today so I will say this:  let us have peace for the jewish people on earth this year!  The jews must now have victory:  to live unafraid in peace and brotherhood inside the Holy City of Jerusalem! 
 To the Kabbalists out there on Wall Street who read my words: Make green communities pay off for stockholders!  its so simple, you wall streeter geniuses who have the heart of lions!  now is the time to pull the trigger on peace and love and brotherhood!!!  transmute all which threatens those who know how to meditate as given on sinai!  from my lips to the ears of Hashem may these words fly!
meditation to commemorate the freedom of sense and vision heart soul and mind to actually cross physical reality’s constructs in order to more fully behold the beauty of The All. At that point in the meditation, I heard this: “God is the Will of the People United”  I experienced holy visions all through my life.  Many said that meant I was crazy.  I always knew crazy was better, because only crazy people speak one on one with God Herself, as did Queen Cleopatra, the domestic goddess of Isis.
-roseanne barr 1999 at the wall in Jerusalem.