do you hear voices and have visions?

here is how you can make sure that you are not picking up bad radio waves–Breathe in deeply and hold the breath for a count of ten.  Blow it out making the “Hah!” sound.  Do this ten times slowly, over a few minutes.  At the end of ten times in and out, your thoughts should be emptied and your pulse slowed. Embrace the minute or two of mental silence that comes as a result. 

   This silence is your place of peace inside your mind.  When your mind is silent, and you have no thoughts, The Light can enter. The Light removes Satan. Connection to Light is our weapon against Evil.
  The Light is a feeling of connection to other people.  Stay in it as much as you possibly can.  Severing that connection causes mental illness. The voices and the visions are part of the Light, but being in stress confuses the messages in your brain.  Calm down, breathe, take no negative action, speak no negative words and think no negative thoughts.  give charity as much as you can, and help other people as much as you can.  Feel empathy as much as you can for yourself and others.  take action of empathy. Evil cannot exist where there is empathy and connection!
 Do not allow Satan to trick you into thinking that you are better, or chosen, or special–we are all one soul, remember that! satan is separatism, ego, and magical thinking.