I will give Bohner something to cry about:

It is my great hope and wish that working americans will come to their senses and be able to crack through the mind control programming that has brainwashed them forever, and leave the democratic party for a third party–THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA-

  Roseannearchy is about the complete duping and drugging of America’s working women by billionaire hacks and sociopaths who pretend to care about the state of the world, but really don’t at all.  It is also about the hijacking of God Almighty by warmongering religions, and false prophets of doom, liars, and a pedophile priest class of psychopathic woman haters. Roseannearchy is the story of how I slew Satan, and how you too can destroy him, and remove his claws from this world.  Die Satan, Fall Babble On!  We know how to bring Messianic Times:

Inner Peace is our Greatest Weapon against Evil.  
from today monday jan 10-11:–this is what bugs me about some americans: If you cannot afford to pay decent wages for your employees, then you simply should not have a small business. Period. Business people are not slaveowners, although many of them would love to be. Business people are those who happily pay their share of taxes in order to help keep their customers coming back.  “Customers” are those with disposable incomes and decent places to live.
  But in America now, we have a class of whiners and pirates who give nothing whatsoever back to their communities, and then cry with self pity that they are not stealing enough tax payer money and pocketing it themselves. If you cannot afford to be a business owner, stop opening businesses is my point. You have to pay decent wages or you are a taker and takers do not ever succeed, according to Kabballah (the word of God). Don’t buy a house if you cannot pay the mortgage, and do not start a business on the idea of screwing those who do the actual work for you. just a thought.
  Also, I think taxpayers need to shop as close to home as they can.  Buy local only.  Invest local only.  Credit Unions instead of banks, and barter whenever possible.  divest from all stock market holdings except green ones.  we can bring back the dollar if we do this.  I do not feel that we should count out the dollar, because the dollar is american.  It may be down and it may be out, but–it can also rally.  Obama gave us the stimulus money to start green agribusinesses on local levels–tv does not broadcast the truth of this at all—let’s get going and do what needs to be done.  We can rally the dollar, grandmothers of america.  we have the time and the money and the inclination, many of us.  we are the crown of creation and there have never been women as free as we are.  We cannot let them take the freedom of american women away.  the Freedom to live NOT UNDER RELIGIOUS OPPRESSION, or even religious opinion, especially the more fundamentalist religions that do not allow women to control their own reproductive freedom. We need a safe alternative to abortion!  All of these criminals going around robbing and dividing the american people from each other keep this fight going.  If it is between the life of the mother and the child, then you spare the mother.  There you go, there is your biblical answer:  it is in the TORAH, and it is also a just idea.  Many times the Torah teaches us, justice comes in second to force!!  That is what happens in Torah just before everybody gets wiped out So actually listen to the Torah when it tells you that you must choose justice over force or God will smack you down!  Please read the entire Torah yourself if you are ever going to reference it at all.  Never listen to what anyone else tells you about torah either unless you actually know torah.  Torah is Ten Turning Spheres of Action!!!!  from inception to formation…a thought becoming manifest is why we are all here–to bring peace to this planet and all you phonys know that so stop yammering. Let us start living in peace right now.  vote for me i will fix everything within 30days and it will be a lot cheaper and a lot nicer for all the children of this world.  Trust me I know HOW!  I am going to join with other women just this once right now.  No men will pretend to speak for us any longer.  We will speak for Ourselves.  We want Peace and we want it Now, inside our own minds where the breath of life still sparks a craving for Love in all its Blinding Light and Glory.  
  Fortunately for us older gals, that decision bears no more weight on our lives at all, BUT we must make sure that our own granddaughters live in a world of female freedom too.
  For this idea of female freedom, of feminism, Ms. Betsy Ross stayed up all night to sew a flag for a new constitution, a new nation, one in which slavery was abolished and women were allowed a voice.  Now we women are 53% of the american workforce.  Let that sink in. So many of the men in this world have the souls of women, as the Kabballah teaches us about this time, the age of aquarius.  2012.  what is aquarius?  it is the rising of the female. She Who Is Us.