ted is a robot. i saw that and cracked his programming

He is a good american at heart, yet he blames the poor and that is not what christ wants us to do, as everyone who has ever been a die hard fan of jesus would agree!!  this is the time for all of us to begin to live our beliefs.  My beliefs are as follows:  it is rational self interest that is the true attribute of Divinity, the inborn dianetic programmed from the God of Our Mothers.  Our Mother’s God is not our Father’s God.  She is the indwelling presence of the Shekkinah, the Divine Urge for Ultimate Perfection,which is Peace in the Soul.

   Ted leaned over and told me he had never had any booze, any drugs or any “fat pussy”.  Everyone in the room laughed, it felt like hate speech.  I remarked, “I feel that I should get a restraining order against you. Are you crazy to talk to an old grandmother that way, you punk asst bitch?!”
There simply isn’t enough money or drugs on this planet that would make a sexually sophisticated woman even consider Ted as any kind of a ‘gunslinger’ type.  He is just like a girl, full of himself and showing off in front of big daddy america.  I might challenge the little worm to hunt some pigs on my farm, and might also challenge palin the same, although the cloud of sulphur following her would be off putting to my many goats.