I have no control over when my interviews are aired

sorry!  They can hold them and do whatever they want to do with them.  I am sorry if it put anybody out, but–they will all be aired sometime, I presume.  Last night on AC, I was on with an interesting man, Ted Nugent.  He kept blaming the people who “don’t work and don’t want to work” for our country’s problems.  Well, he can’t be blaming the poor really, because the poor work harder than hell.  He said that “they” just want to smoke crack and lay around all day, instead of getting a real job and contributing.  The poor do none of that.  It’s the mentally ill and the addicted that do that.  So, Ted is blaming the mentally ill drug addicts for the problems in America.  That makes sense in a way—the mentally ill drug addicts are easier to blame than the rich bankers who fleeced everyone, because the mentally ill are completely voiceless and powerless.  Talk about bullying!  Bullying is what Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent and all the right wingers base everything on–bullying the helpless and the sick.  Those who bully the widows and children have a special place in hell, according to a wonderful jewish man named Jesus.