interview with nightline

I was finally able to say:  my picture dressed as hitler eating little burned cookies was not about eating little jewish cookies, it was about eating little palestinian cookies!  Israel must make peace in order to survive. I told Ohlmer not to get into bed with these evangelical types, their valhala is our complete destruction/death.

Israel must take the most high road, and if it is to be our fate that the entire world condemns us alone to bear the weight of all of their sins, as they must repeatedly do, because of a book that most of them have not even read, because they are illiterate and unable to read, but which has been used by the most evil pedo priest class to blind them to the reality of the tree of life: { Almighty GOD is a living wo/man}, then again Hashem has chosen us for this role. 
  We, the jewish people must die on our feet and not on our knees this time.  Israel can and perhaps must exercise the nuclear option, I fear. as the talmud tells us, offer peace, if it is rejected, then annihilate.  face it world, this is the truth–you all better get busy and save the palestinian people yourselves—where are your voices, and where is your money–in the stock market and the eu?: 
 The entire western world exists because of the sale of weapons (this is the number one business in the world, and then slavery and sex trafficking are next).  These weapons are being tested on captive populations,like Gaza and afghan and pakistan.  Israel has been targeted as a killing ground for nuclear incineration.  That is the deal our leaders got for us.   thanks assholes!  Only Hashem (mother love) can save our sheep asses now.  cmon baby boomer jewish grandmothers, let’s fix this shit once and for all!  
Islam is not good for women!  Wake up World!  Free Jonathan Pollard, Obama!!!
you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time
so now you see the light?  Stand up for your rites.  bob marley
May God restore the Honor of the United States of America!