IN PAKISTAN, WITH DRONE ATTACKS.   We are testing our weapons (the sale of which makes the stock market go up) on more brown people, as usual.  Tax cuts for the rich help them to invest in more weapons and stocks and bonds neccessary to attack more muslims. gog and magog = armageddon…christian zionist holy war in which all jews are killed so that Christ can return to a Jew-free world…(the heritage foundation’s game plan for Israel and the USA–the heritage foundation is a think- tank of Satanic anti-semites who influence us foreign policy which seeks to replace all world governments with christian theocracies, as does the Mormon Church, another ultra conservative PAC that also approves of child marriage, and polygamy—as does Islam).  Women of course are not figured into any part of this NWO—wikileaks needs to declassify more religious agendas!!!