freedom of information is gone now

America no longer exists in North America.  We all need to pack up and move to India and China as fast as we can, and Russia too!  Cash in your dollars for kroners.  get out of the stock market and buy farmland instead, in europe or russia or some other place where they have outlawed Monsanto’s frankenstein seeds.  They are satanic vampires!  They eat real food that the earth makes!  They are ruining the chain of life and the web of life!    Refuse to plant anything but organic food.  Do not buy seeds from Monsanto!  The food safety bill is complete bullshit!!  it is the food unsafety bill!  They are trying to turn us into plastic cyborgs whose thoughts are all downloaded from Apple programmed by Darpa.  I defy Darpa.  Darpa is Satan. Die Satan, die Babylon.