food for thought: (i always say that satanists are behind religion)…

People who do the right and good thing for the right reasons are on the right and good road!
Those who do the right things for the wrong reasons are not!
Those who do acts of kindness and mercy because they want a jackpot in heaven are not kind or merciful at all!
Those who do acts of mercy and goodness out of fear of god are on the wrong road too!
it’s quite simple:  there is no pay off for righteousness, and there is no punishment for evil here.  
WE MIGHT NOT WIN, BUT WE ARE RIGHT.  right makes right.  right is good.  the right things are not the wrong things done for the right reason.  The right things are not the wrong things done in the right way either.  The right things are known to everyone and are simple, and they work.  That is why they are so dangerous to the wrong doers. The righteous wrong doers are in control right now.
Soon, those who want the right things for the right reasons will take the right action to make things right for all, and not a few at the expense of the many, as now.
Soon, the pope will tell the poor they can use condoms too, not just to prevent aids, but to limit population growth.
The dawning of rational self interest comes even to the mind of the Pope these days!
Rational self interest is the name of the new Goddess for these times.  Her aspects are sustainability and permaculture, as developed by the last Human Goddess/Queen–the genius named Cleopatra.  Her libraries uncovered 2011–that is my prediction/prophecy.  we will see if I am right or wrong this year.