2010 November

28 Nov: from a reader here:

Had some free time and I have been reading your blog – holy shiz.   Unbelievable.  I don’t know how you know what you know but it is all in your blog and somehow everything you predict is coming true or has come true.  I just pre-ordered 4 copies of your book and cannot wait to read all 304 pages from the nut farm.… Keep on reading

27 Nov: Reagan and Bush 1 and Jr. along with Bill Clinton, destroyed our country

they made whores of our daughters and inmates of our sons, and got a pay off for doing it.  They were able to pull it off thanks to the great number of soulless pedophiles/witch burners who preached to the flocks of drugged sheep from their respective pulpits–(the neo conmen)  in order to Shame the memory of a great Rabbi who taught transcendental meditation to the women of the Galilee.… Keep on reading

27 Nov: feeling absence of light–

it’s retracting and the darkness is flooding in.  depression looms. celebration is called for to counteract it.  Let’s call it Christmas!  Let us trip all over ourselves to waste the money we worked so hard for.  This may be our last year to blow our children’s money on low down trifling bullshit from China!… Keep on reading