from a reader here:

Had some free time and I have been reading your blog – holy shiz.   Unbelievable.  I don’t know how you know what you know but it is all in your blog and somehow everything you predict is coming true or has come true.  I just pre-ordered 4 copies of your book and cannot wait to read all 304 pages from the nut farm.  The other 3 copies are going to be Christmas gifts.  I still love Rosie O. and Whoopi and a lot of others but you’re still tops with me.  How do you do it?


ANSWER: meditation

comment here about the things I have written that have indeed come to pass–you can search this blog for tons of info on bees, the environment, glenn beck, mormon agenda, zionist revisionism, feminism, and the military/prison industrial complexes, and the fall of BABYLON.  I have written this stuff on this blog and two other RW blogs for fifteen years now–yes it has all happened.

inside this thread I will post more potent prayers.