In Response to Obama, Chess, Checkers, etc.

Don’t get me wrong – I never drank any Obama Kool Aid. Read my lips: I know the system requires candidates to sling whatever bullshit will get them elected. The fact that Obama had lots of popular support and small contributors doesn’t negate the fact that the biggest corporations were backing him, too, and expecting their favors. And let’s remember the sinkhole he started in. Thanks, again, Dumbya!
Having said that, let’s face it: there was only the duopoly to vote for (realistically) and only an idiot would figure McCain and Caribou Barbie (with that string in her neck that dispenses the clichés) would do any better for us. At least the American people showed the world that we weren’t so racist as to turn away the less repugnant candidate because of his complexion or a name that wasn’t WASP enough. I think he genuinely cares about the world his little girls will inherit (let’s hope there’s a world left for them and everybody else) and he’s doing what he can, given the tight spot that Big Money and The Military Industrial Complex keep him in. Politics is rigged, though, the Government is a business and that’s the way things work in a setup where money talks, bullshit walks and thus: everything that isn’t money is considered bullshit.
We’re pretty much on our own – BUT – there’s more of us than there are billionaires and their brainwashed useful idiots in Gen Pop. Start where you’re at and work outward and link up with other people that are fed up and trying to be less at the effect of the filthy rich puppetmasters and their shills in media and politics. What’s more important than trying to get out from under their greedy, remorseless web of disinformation and control?       ….Johnny