this the 'jewish' (artisans) people were created for:

to bring the essence of the Goddess (the Shekinah) to earth.

The earth is the sacred ground where the elements of water and fire create gold silver and brass, once the Holy Breath, ‘the element of air” mixes with them. The Air is called Zeir Anpin, the ‘heart’ of which is DA’AT (scroll down to read about DA’AT).
The jewish people (later masons) were to create/design/craft Temples from gold silver and brass, with which to contain Her Essence,(JUSTICE) and to include/mine/design the twelve various jewels of the earth (the twelve tribes) in the breast plate of the High Priestess, who was also the Queen. As the earthly mouthpiece of Isis, Cleopatra saved the wisdom of permaculture, as derived from the African Queens, who were dying out (murdered for the resources of their various nations).  Cleopatra was the Warrior Queen, Prophetess of ISIS. 
 She defeated Rome, in 2011, when her libraries were unearthed in Alexandria.
when the temple of isis was destroyed by the romans, the jewish people (artisans and craftsmen, weavers and farmers, alchemists all) began to trade in metals and jewels, creating a proto-middle class for the first time in the world. (FREED SLAVES).  Peasants became Kings. The Rothschild family were once goatherders.