reading list for searchers:

Innerspace by aryeh kaplan 

wheels of a soul by dr phillip berg (my teacher)
the zohar by shimon bar yochai 
the qoran
the kyballion
 when god was a woman–merlin stone
the hebrew goddess–by??
the white goddess by robert graves
anything Sufi
Tibetan book of the dead
the story of mathematics by ian stewart  
in an unspoken voice by peter levine
anything by Colin Ross
all papal bulls
trance formation america-cathy o brien/mark phillips
anything by rudolph steiner
starhawk is good too
alice walker
anything about physics 
das kapital by karl marx
mark twain
gertrude stein
aldous huxley
ts elliot
noam chomsky
andrea dworkin “pornography”
the alphabet and the goddess–leonard shlain
victor hugo
the baal shem tov
mein kampf by adolph hitler
roseannearchy by roseanne barr 1-4-11=  7-completion