how to survive the end:

turn off your tv

grow food you can eat
harvest water
meditate and empty out of all programming
keep reading the stuff here
show up and take action–write to each of your senators and representatives weekly.
decide that we can birth a new and good and loving system of governance, and that it will probably kill us to do it–but what the hell else is there for us to do now?  Die on our feet living our beliefs and helping each other.  that is all there is.
again, men must listen to me–I am right that we must organize each and every neighborhood right now.  We need our men to be our men, and to patrol and protect us with their physical might, instead of turning on us, as they do now.  Get right men!  organize or die.  How many little children are on your block, men, how many widows and needy?  How many men?  call a meeting and speak to each other and say this:  “how can we patrol our block now that there will be less police and more crime?”  “How do we become actual citizens instead of consumers?”  Come back to me here and I will tell you the way I think it should happen…you guys have to be the men now, and not the boys.  men were designed to do what needs to be done to protect the queen in their hive.  You have been tricked into killing your queens.  bees are god.  look at them and envision utopia.