contact made–

mind is a germ, evolving everywhere always–

stay in your empathy (the true message of christ) state of mind. Evil attacks our chord of empathy..that is how they kill us. we are not human without empathy–we are merely clones of satanic mind.  Good always wins in the end, after everything is dead and gone, R N A springs forth to bring a new mutation.  get there now—from my lips to the ear of the almighty and divine mother love that programs RNA (God is the desire for self replication).  Gematria tells me that 2011 is the year before the storm where doors can open in the world above.  my desire is wakening the upper worlds.  yes!  christ has shown the way for this (christians know nothing of christ the kabbalist).  2011 demand peace in your mind your home your kitchen your block your community demand it!  Men need to change immediately–or they will be reborn as women, and that is NO FUN!!