DO NOT FLY FOR CHRISTMAS! stay where you are and don't buy anything either.

NO SCANNING AT AIRPORTS!  Have he pedophile priests who were kicked out of the catholic church now become airport scanners?!  They tried to rubber glove old granny at the airport and I said, “You are not going into my ass.  You’ll have to kill me first SIR!”  Obama left us here alone with no army, and a repub house–every dime you think you had will be taken from you in the next session of congress.  Telling this to americans is so sad, knowing that they will just go to church or turn up the beats to drown out the truth.  americans hate the truth.  its kryptonite to bullshit addicts.  I am sick of people not knowing that the word angel means words, not disembodied helpers.  We send angels (powerful words) to source.