Prayer of friend, lightworker Cathy Bilsky:

Today we will focus on setting free all the Elementals of war including  all airplanes, helicopters, tanks, sound weapons, DIME weapons, guns, knives, all ammo , all bombs, cluster bombs, gases, germs, satellites, spy equipment, electrical towers, microwave towers, bio genetics,sound waves, anything created from Tesla information, all military weapons, computers, voodoo effigies or any elemental that is being commanded to hurt or harm any life form
.This includes all militaries’ all over the world . No exceptions. giving special focus on all weapons of war in Israel and the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and anywhere else you are aware of.

It is so simple. All I do is…..
I call to Michael the Arch angel to take his sword of blue flame to cut the ties with these elementals of war from their masters.
I call the violet flame thru them to clean up their energies
I call the Angelite energy to heal them. Then I fill them up with God’s Divine Love and command them to be neutral or only emit love. Imagine allweapons of war misfiring , disintegrating, choose to malfunction, keep breaking down, go off course towards inert objects or be harmless and take the path of love

and as for the masters….I call to their Higher Selves and ask them to step forward into the light and stop the energy of war. If they choose not to. Which is there free will, I ask their Higher Self and guardian angel to put them in a position of harmlessness now! Letting a light worker of Peace to take their place.

I Command Michael the Arch Angel to go forth and tie and bind the God’s and Goddess’s of Chaos and War. Tie and bind all Satanic, Luciferian and reptilian energy on  the etheric and physical plane. We call the violet flame thru them to clean them up and send them back to God. Filling that space up with an Angel of peace and love.
I always end my work with “Not my will but Thy will be done.”
It is that easy and it takes just 30 seconds to do.  The more people that do this the quicker all wars will end. Weapons will be obsolete.              Blessings……….Cathy