on mothers day after mary dalys funeral I gave my speech in dc

i explained how to solve each problem our country faces and the god channelled solution to each.  I facebooked it for over a year and when I got there, not one person was there to hear me.  I filmed it thinking that that is what is.  I deal with what is and not with what should be.  I knew when I was addressing the white house on behalf of all taxpaying mothers in this country, as well as the fathers and the gays and the whole diverse bunch of y’all—that I could, unlike any other candidate running right now, offer you solutions.  thinking of solutions is the only way to break free of mind control and ptsd.  think utopia, what would it look like?  dare to dream utopia–beatific vision, look up!  Looking upward in meditation releases serotonin into the blood.  (I am changing my name to sara tonin). ptsd is about panic and the inability to act.  break program.  act.  just say no to voting.  Elect me.  I can fix everything and for cheap.