Vote for progressive democrats–

Write them in if you have to!  Get rid of Blue Dog Conservative Democrats NOT BY VOTING FOR REPIGLICANS!  Vote out moderate Democrats and elect socialists in the Dem Party–it is our only hope to force Obama to do the right thing these next two years–get some young lefties in there–do not vote for anyone who has ads on tv.  Vote for unions jobs and reduction in military spending and vote to legalize, and end the war on drugs!  ORGANIZE.  VOTE LEFT AS YOU CAN.

  Fuck the liberals, and the fascists.  Vote them out.  Most Americans are closet socialists and don’t even know it–
how to tell if you are a socialist: 
 1–you support the 40 hour work week.
 2- you support health care
 3- you believe that adults should be free to control their own bodies
 4-you believe that freedom of the press is the most important thing in a free society.
 5–you want to be protected from sexual degenerates forcing their religions down your throat.
 6–you believe that slavery should be a thing of the past.
 7–you think Communism sucks, and that is why you hate Commie Republicans who want everyone to work for the government 
 8–you think pirates (free markets supporters) should be in jail.
 9–you think clean water and food and shelter and health care are your rights as human beings.
 10–you think religious degenerates should be controlled by birth control in the water supply, as they are unable to control their sexual cravings and their irresponsible spawning of more innocents for their church leaders to molest.