vote for progressive democrats–

if there are none, then vote Green.  Do not vote for moderate democrats or any repiglicans.  This is to balance the too far shift to the right. All of you jobless homeless gay and underemployed folks, as well as all repubs who think their party has shifted too far to the right– Vote for me in 2012–

  I promise as President to end Income Tax altogether, forgive student loans, give free health care and legalize hemp.  I will end all wars immediately and get rid of the fed, as well as end all US support for Israel.  I am also running for Prime Minister of Israel, and I promise to bring peace between arab palestinian and jew and catholic, with my 3 state solution for Peace.  I will, as joint PM and Potus, save both countries from the jaws of death simply by arresting and trying the rothschild banking family and the crown of england (including the bush family tree) for High treason and International drug dealing and criminal behavior, including crimes against humanity,all under RICO.  When these nasty folks are found guilty in a court of law not heavily weighted in their favor, as now, they will be sentenced to the blessed lady, the guillotine.  In my mercy, they will all be give a chance to give away all of their wealth and end all forms of slavery immediately, in order to continue to live, and if they refuse, beheaded in a swift and painless death.  Roseanne Barr 2012.