the reason why gays are being attacked, and harassed: 

because too many of them are involved in banking advertising and right wing money politics. (BABYLON). The gays could swing this election over to the Repigs!  Do not empower those who hate you!! What goes around comes around.

  If you are gay and you are even thinking of not supporting Obama, or sitting out this election because you feel he has not done enough for gay rights, then you are playing into the hands of the worst gay haters on earth—the right wing evangelical fascists who hate you and would prefer to see you murdered. 
  Don’t be fooled–Obama is the only hope gays have in this country right now–get out and vote left NOT RIGHT!  You rich gays have voted TOO RIGHT FOR TOO LONG AND IT IS BITING YOU IN YOUR ASSES!  stop it!  Log cabin republicans are fucked up and they are self haters.  Self hatred is Satanic. You rich white gays need to care about the poor far more than you do…I always say unite with labor if you want to move forward to full civil rights on every level.  Do not unite with fascists to keep your tax levels lower—the right hates you!  They are not your friends ever!  Get over your class issues right now!
  To African American voters:  You have simply got to stop condemning gays in your churches right now!  It makes you look exactly like the most bigoted republican idiots and fascists on earth to go around talking bad about gay marriage.  You need to stop it!  Seriously, you are burning a most important bridge for yourselves by doing this!  Stop hating yourselves!  Right wing evangelical fascists do not care about you at all nor would they give up two cents to help you if you were starving, so stop being on their side against gay people.  You are either for full civil rights for all citizens or you are bigots.  decide! Do not empower Satan with your unjust hatred!
  To the Jews:  If you vote repig because you think they are more pro zionist than the left, you are signing your own death warrant believe me.  The fascists only support Israel because they pray that every living Jew will die there and that will bring their Christ back to them!  These people are not your friends, they want you dead dead dead.  Now you had better not vote for even one of them.  jews are to vote left not right!  NEVER AGAIN!  voting right is what brought us HItler!  Get over yourselves and share that land in a two state solution right now or watch yourselves killed by the same mentality that killed you before!  
  To women:  do not go out and vote for right wing women, thinking you are a feminist.  Right wing women are self haters and they hate all women’s right to choose what to do with their own uteruses.  They bitch about big government but they want to let big government control every womb in this country.  vote left within the democrat party this time.  We need to get rid of the right wing traitors who want to gut our constitution and steal our last goddam dime for their warmongering business investments.  Vote for left men before right women!
  to those who trust in and believe in a God:  You need to vote LEFT to keep your right to religion out of the hands of this government.  The right is trying to take control of your beliefs and change them to suit their money laundering and pedophilia protecting business affairs.  Make sure you are protected from this government telling you what you should believe about your version of God.  Do not be fooled by people like Palin–she is a repiglican anti christ, and so is everyone like her.  Witch burners all (Satanic ritual abuse child murder supporters). There is no such thing as a witch!  Palin is so completely satanic that she believes little children can cast spells of evil on people!  sick!
 to the poor and the suffering unemployed:  be sure you vote democrat because even though they are a bunch of theives and pigs too, they are ten percent better than the repubs!  Vote for that ten percent in your favor!  A drop in the right bucket is better than a drop in the wrong one!  vote as left as you can within the democratic party–elect progressives!  
  to the armed forces:  vote progressive left not right so that you will not have to go and fight for rich people and oil companies any more!  We need you here at home to help all the poor and homeless people created by this government over the last ten years.  Voting for repiglicans guarantees that you will lose your medical and psychological benefits within the next four years!  Vote left to keep your benefits!  Not right!  The right wants to privatize your medical benefits…make you pay for them yourself, and not let the army pay for them on your behalf anymore!
  to young people:  vote left for progressive dems right now and make sure that this government and big business do not privatize drinking water–if the repigs get in its a done deal—filthy fucking waste in bottled water–they will do anything for profit.  stop them.