live sunday

—11 am to 1 pm california time

8am to 10 am hawaii time—
this is the most important show ive ever done listen to it
johnny and cathy had a big psychic fight that needed to happen so that I could witness it—Agnostic reality and magical thinking came to a crossing and that was a great leap in evolution (and spirituality) and mind…it was awesome,—cathy is gifted in the matter of words as spiritual connection to the elemental, and Johnny is all about using mental force and words to name provable truth and to remove the blockage that superstition places in the way of Awareness.
I am trying to bring provable truth and spiritual force together in my own mind–(to deprogram from judao-christian mind control programming) no believing required, no spooky magic, no ego no ‘secret’–just Fact in service of God. It’s heavy and i dont know if i am explaining it well enough—yet. I do know that telling a kid a big fat lie and then making sure the kid defends it always is the way our connection to God is broken by religions.