fading light

light is most powerful at the new moon

It’s desire to share itself is not dispersed
Get ready to receive the singularity
at sundown
light the candles 
at sundown your time
meet me in the aether 2 am
hawaii time
I will see you
we will connect
and battery up our souls for another week of
resistance and freedom
may peace prevail on earth!
Whatever harm you have caused in the world during the last week
will be transformed into pure awareness
and The Universe will correct any mispent
you are cleaning your memory cells tonight during a full moon, and probably the most important moon of the year
scorpio is the most negative of all moons (negative=the strong sucking force of gravity)
the darkest month attracts the most light–
this night we sew the fabric of miracles into the whole of our conciousness
to get ready for 8xLight of Hanukkah–(next moon–miracles manifest in the form of cleansing the cells, restoring the strength and purpose of Memory).