Duke Aiona is a child murder supporter!


These terrible Evangelicals who are destroying our country and the world with their woman hating and their homophobia and their bigoted racism that lurks below their fake Christianity, are all GUILTY for the burning of little African children who are being called “witches”—
  I saw one kindly looking old grandmother in a muu muu out working on the corner for Aiona’s election, holding a sign and waving at cars, with that plastic empty fake holier than thou Satanic look that all Evangelicals have, and she looked at me as I drove by, shaking her sign and smiling, totally unaware of the world she lives in, and the real miracles of God that she despises (such as human thought)—I gave the bitch the finger, and her whole face crumbled, as if she could not believe that someone was not buying her “I speak for God” bullshit.
  I got madder and madder and circled around and did it again—I really want these Satan worshippers to know the terrible things that go on in their names and with their unconscious and brain dead support—the murder of little children by Rick Warren, and every other Evangelical who actually believes that little children are witches who should be put to death, burned alive–America’s most ignorant Satanists (Palinists) should all be in mental institutions and prisons.