fundamentalist revolutionary extremists are destroying America!

The Koch Brothers are the Zionist owners of the biggest corporation in the US, and they fund the racist Christian Zionist ‘Tea Party’.  Their goals are the death of every Palestinian child, paid for by American tax dollars, and the enslavement of all brown red and african american youth here in America, and the forcing of either whoredom on all ethnic US women, or the Mormon Burkha on all white US women, and they also support Tel Aviv as the new capital city of America.  (I am also running for joint prime minister of Israel, Pres. USA, as is my right as a US Jewish citizen).

 They hate freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom from religion.  Under Roseannearchy, if elected, I would try them for treason and when they are found guilty, imprison them in work camps (so they can see what work feels like) where they would be re-educated in the basic tenants of right and wrong, God and Satan. It goes without saying that I would also make them pay back the money they have stolen from Americans, and force them to institute the camp david agreements in Palestine/Israel.
 Vote for me and save this country and the middle east.