Yesterday the teachings were able to help a vietnam vet with meditation that are written about here.  He was still in trauma after all these years, and I showed him the meditation to restore mental health, and get free of ptsd, and bi polar depression.

 Ten breaths in, contain and disperse the breath for ten, blow out all negativity displaced by the breath, by exhaling for ten.  This is called building a vessel.  Each time you do a set of ten, you are building your soul more and more.  The more you contain the substance that you desire to breathe in (Breath is the basic Physical Truth required for humans), the more aware your soul will become.  Total awareness is your goal, letting go of trauma and programming, learning to trust the Light, and to receive it, to contain it, and to cleanse your cells with it and begin again, freed from slavery/mind control.

 What is ‘soul’ ?  
answer: internal desire to receive truth, and the critical thinking skills required to recognize it. 
for the soldiers with ptsd—breathe in light and awareness, they are cleansing substances.
contain and disperse the breath to cleanse all the shame you feel for acts not of your own choosing during wartime
release the shame fear doubt and negativity by exhaling it all out of you.
write about your experiences, do not talk about them to anyone.  Write it out and then make a collage from magazines.  Do not share any of the things you have gone through, as speaking re-traumatizes you.  Think about Utopia and solutions after each set of ten breathing exercises, and look up as much as you can, let sunlight hit your face. let the Light do its great work for you.
if you have abrahamic programming, (christian jew muslim) read a little bit about geometry and mathematics.