hanukkah is coming–Light will win this year

The Light will not allow loyalty oaths and expulsion of Arabs from Galilee.  Galilee is where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai wrote the Zohar.  I saw where he and Jesus discussed teleportation and time travel.  Did you know that all springs are connected underground?  I threw Mary Daly’s ashes into a spring in Boston, where she wrote the Intergalactic Wickedary, knowing that she would soon be inside Miriam’s well in the Galilee.  Mary’s spirit is going to re-store balance between heaven and earth this year. Her RNA is there, informing Source.  Women will connect beyond tribal boundaries now.

Women are responsible for all the horror inflicted on them when they worship a male God, a Patriarchal Separatist Mentality that embraces war and crusades and hatred and fear.  This year, women will begin to think, and not to just react to programming.
  You can tell a female slave immediately…not three minutes will pass in conversation before Patriarchal Spooks will be invoked.  You can see the blind panic and smoke of hatred rising in women’s faces and energy simply by saying you do not respect their fairy tales and myths.  Women are programmed to deliver the punishing blows to other females who do not “stay in line”  (bow to pedophilic priests).