Obama I am a Jew, and I am telling you that you are listening to the wrong Jews!

although lately i see that you are starting to listen to me more and more, especially as those jews around you realize that I have the Power of Hashem on my side.  Obama is not the manchurian that some wish he was.  Obama has an opening in his program and I am cracking through it with this message from his mother:  “The lefty Jews will support you when you stop empowering Bibi and settlements.  You have the power to act to end the embargo on gaza, and institute a two state solution as per camp david NOW.  the future of our people is in your hands.  no wars with iran for israel.  do not bring that on us.”  Do not unleash your right wing version of our brother Yeshua against us again, rome.  You will not win this time.  Jesus was the friend of rabbi shimon bar yochai.  I saw where they sat together to discuss time travel, astral projection and freedom from religion, and from Roman Rule.  the zohar is a marvelous work and a wonder.  It is the book mormons now want most, for it is byzantine in its desire  to control the minds of the ptsd’s.  It seems Glenn Beck’s job in the Mormon mind control program is to begin to agitate unstable people, who have mental disorders and are increasingly angry and looking to place blame on others for their lack of good luck.  crazy folks, I am here to lead you and I will not lie to you…you are going to be asked to commit violence on someone, but please know that voice urging you to hurt another person, is the voice of SATAN.  God never ever wants us to commit violence against anything at all that is living.  Violence is not the way to win.  to win is in the mind, and it triumpns over evil, over negativity, over all base human thoughts.  Love is what we need and we all know it.  stop lying and start loving NOW!  manifest the new age or get off the fucking pot, all you psychic motherfuckin bitches out there!  come on ladies and not ladies too!  all you trans and what have you’s and that genius lily tomlin too!!  hi lily i got your message you old tart!  party on baby!!! allie willis makes our maker proud as a son of a bitch to have her out there doing his work for him!   i could not party with you gals as I was too busy chopping ironwood trees down in order to restore the balance of power to the people here on the big island of hawaii.  GOD WANTS US TO GARDEN RIGHT NOW!!!