taking the steps

lighting white candles at sundown to gather light—Enter another reality of ten levels of awareness.

the first level is to recognize your negativity
1-your desire for yourself, money, feeling special, “self esteem” judging yourself against others—shed it 
 2–write down the five things that bother you about someone very close to you
     re read it and then read it to a mirror—you will see that what bothers you about others is what you cannot dare to look at in yourself.  shed it
3—define Good
4–drink some wine (red)
 5 eat something green —
6–read about physics for ten minutes
7 do not talk for at least thirty minutes
8 drink some more
9 deepen your awareness and admit something you did this week in secret that made you feel shame.
10 in proportion to the shame you feel, give charity money in secret.
11—let go of thinking…stare into nothing
12—think deeply about utopia
13—do no work and require nothing to work on your behalf, pretend money does not exist
after you cleanse yourself of thought and shame, begin to work on something creative—coloring in crayon is even good!
be creative for at least one hour—set your mental clock to wake you up automatically at 2 am hawaaii time–leave your name and your mother’s name here and I will include you in my meditation—if you are in lack or in pain, i will send you energy so that your mind can easily access solutions.
leave your names now