God breathed the breath of life into humanity–

the breath of God is another way of talking about controlling your breath while you meditate. “Breath of God” is a way to destroy the matrix of satan…religious programming of fear and hatred and judgement without mercy. I thought it was funny today that the baptist clergy warned its women (and men) not to practice yoga.  The Priest-Pedophile Class is horrified that they will lose control of parents who may then deny them access to little children to have sex with, and stop supporting the sale of weaponry which churches and synagogues and mosques are all heavily invested in.

  Keep breathing in righteousness and truth, baptists, jews, catholics and muslims….defeat ‘BABBLE ON’ (babylon)
  (Satan is religion–religion is hatred and warmongering, the furthest thing from God that exists).  
Is it possible that my words can like stones did for david bring down the Beast, the Goliath?  Jesus said:  “get thee behind me, Satan”.  Kabballah says that Satan is EGO.  Negative EGO says this to us:  “YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE STATE OF THE WORLD.”  GODLY EGO TELLS US:  “YOU ARE MADE OF MY ESSENCE, AND YOU CAN FIND ME INSIDE YOUR HEART.  HARNESS ME, BREATHE ME IN.”