REPRINT FROM NOV. 2007: i wrote this—

GLENN BECK HATES AMERICA: When you have to raise 100 million to run for president, you are not living in a free country. that is a society held hostage by advertisers and publicists. TV is now nothing but non stop class warfare, waged on the viewer him/herself. It eats its own young.
Glenn beck is another limbaugh (new younger thinner mormon version)…he is paid by the people who pocket stolen tax payer’s dollars.
He is carrying out class warfare on americans by sending out disinformation instead of real news…for instance, instead of telling the truth..that “free markets” actually means lower wages, and no jobs for American workers, he voices the BIG LIE that the enemy is “government” itself…and what that actually means is this: the “enemy” is any limits whatsoever on the worst pigs, criminals, and vultures amongst us…just reverse what he says and then you know the truth of what he says.
He is a drug addicted drunk who sobered up because those things got in the way of him functioning as a money grubbing whore for corporate pirates.