trust me I have guns! I love my guns! I know how to use them too!

I am a treehugger, but I am not a liberal left leaning right winger as all those in Hollywood are these days.  I am not a coward, and I am not on government pills either.  Freedom is Under Assault in this country!  It’s not bullshit…the Romney lovers are robbing the right wing taxpayers’ blind by telling them the Evangelical Right (christian zionists) will vote to outlaw abortion. 

  They will NEVER outlaw abortion, they are just trying to avoid paying for it on women’s insurance.  Republican is just another code word that means Romney family insurance lobbyist!  
   Wake Up—The Romney Right wants to make Polygamy legal, and child marriage too, as their church prophecizes that the Mormons will one day “restore America’s honor”  (Glenn Beck’s horseshit line).  By that they mean, it’s post feminist manhood.(patriarchal peckers will again be able to stand up, once the women are shut up and away, and are legally stopped from plying their male hexing witchcraft that makes the penie FLACCID).  
  But–we fought a long time for safe and legal abortions, covered by our insurance, as are all medical procedures.  these bastards want women forced to carry rape and incest babies, because they are ghouls and perverts who hate women and who want to have sex with desperate and poor children in order to get their pervert rocks off, trust me!  Only perverts love money as much as Repiglicans do.
Wake up you drugged up right wingers and learn something about economics instead of memorizing the bible for a change!  CONVERT TO REALITY!!! You are being robbed by these ungodly religions that make you ashamed to be gay!  It is ok to be gay, King David of the Bible, whom Jesus Christ came through to be the Messiah, was himself gay!  His lover was Jonathan–read your bible, that is if you can still read at all!  Your entire religion is built on a gay guy’s love for another gay guy–DAVID WROTE THE PSALMS FOR HIS GAY LOVER!  this is a well known fact by those of us who study the history of the torah and how it charts our gestalt and our mythology.  Get on a higher level, you neanderthal idiots!  God is ashamed of your arrogance and your stupidity, trust me!