this is my third day of declaration

over the last seven years.  I thank the Light for destroying darkness in me that stops me from perfecting my flaws.  No one can stop me from growing closer to my source, which is where all power comes from.

My source is: what is right and good.  Containing the right and the good is the greatest blessing of all.  Being a pipe through which all goodness and righteous mercy moves down from the upper world and is manifested here, on this beautiful living green planet.  The Common Good=The Community Garden.  I am filming today, I have stepped over and I no longer care if people think I am crazy because I have visions.  I have always had visions.  They are what keep me sane. 
  The “godless” (those who believe in magical thinking and not in reality) ironically ‘worship’ those who had visions, but only if they were tortured to death.  The godless love torture, and pedophilia and war and are addicted to money. 
  Thos who love Fact and Provable Truth are the truly righteous here in HELL.