the matrix:

is slavery.  This is what is meant by Egypt in the Torah.  The Prince of Egypt (moses) freaked out totally when he saw that his birthright was about killing slaves and working them to death in order to build huge tombs for sacred information and for burying those who were thought to be God men/Goddess Queens.

  He killed the task master and then studied with the desert women in order to rid himself of oligarchy’s hold over him.
  Moses told the slaves to gather and to walk out of the Matrix of Slavery.  Moses said, we will put our heads together when we are free, and we will create Utopia for all the tribes of mankind.  There were twelve tribes who left slavery.  The slaves were african chinese white and brown and red.  they meditated together, and the harnessed collective human mind overturned the laws of gravity, and the red sea split, just like the atom did.  We are atomic!  We can build Utopia and leave the state of Slavery behind.  We can harness the power of our minds and meditate our way out of mind control!