i love the dwts audience!!

they booed the Cuntessa!  The tv viewing audience is not stupid.  I knew that way back when and I still know it now.  I am lovin’ you guys who boo’ed that racist woman- hating talibangelist’s anti christ lying banker’s whore ass!!! FUCK YEA!  DANCING WITH THE STARS HAS THE BEST AUDIENCES EVER!!!!  They always invite me on and I say just as soon as I can afford to get that hip replacement surgery performed I will come on and dance my way to the top of that season.  Granny can shake a motherfuckin leg, believe that boys and girls!!!  Fuck you Sarah Palin, I am comin’ for you whether any of the fifteen thousand channels will hire me or not!  You are not going to lie about Jesus Christ and get away with it while I am on this earth, Missie.  You say you are the mama grizzly?  Well, sweetheart, I am the Grizzliest Mama Motherfucking Grizzly Fucking Bitch you or your own mama ever did see.  You are paid by warmongers polluters and deviants, all satan worshipping freakazoids and money grubbin banksters working their scam on the taxpayers.  You gave everybody a check from the government and now you say you hate socialism?  Well, Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt, my idol and hero is rolling in her grave thinking that a little beauty queen gunslinging indian hater such as the likes of you was up there running her mouth to the good hearted people in this country and selling them snake oil and poison off the back of your carpetbagger trailer!!

  Oh no honey, not in this lifetime will this old granny shut her big mouth, oh no not yet.  GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN!!  I am not scared of Satan as I watch the underlying rot of all that HE has “accomplished” on this planet fall to the ground as rich mulch for we who care for our fellow living things.  My garden is my greatest tool to defeat satan.  It feeds me and sustains my world.  I do not have to work in babylon in order to eat.