I pray for Obama. Listen to me, Mr. President!

The way that Fox news is treating our president, in a time of war, where the lives of our soldiers are at risk, is positively treasonous!  They are teaching our soldiers to disrespect their commander in chief, saying that he is not an american citizen.   This is early after Yom Kippur, so there’s a lot of power available to you in the cosmos now, Mr. President.  God is available to you to access now until Hanukkah, when real miracles can and do occur!
 YOU NEED TO START LISTENING TO THE RIGHT JEWISH PEOPLE, MR. PRESIDENT, AND STOP LISTENING TO THE WRONG ONES!  May God protect you, Mr. President, and these united states of america, from psychopaths and predators and pedophiles and drug lords and warmongerers! You need to rise to the occassion.  TIME TO GET BLACK!  Black like Martin Luther King who knew that the poor were being sent to fight wars for rich men’s money!  Black like Frederick Douglas, black like Fannie Lou Hamer and Paul Robeson.  Come on now, Mr. President, do not act so manchurian!!
  I am pledging myself to fix this country and bring peace within one year of my election as president of these united states and co-Prime Minister of Israel, as is allowed me under the constitution of this country.  I will save BOTH OF my people from worldwide isolation and humiliation, and destruction. 
 As soon as I am President, I can and I will forgive all student loans and offer free public health care.  I will legalize pot and end the war on drugs which begat the drug wars that now run the economy of most countries on earth. 
  The freedom of the rich stops where your face ends.  I will bring democracy back to America, and I will hunt and prosecute every single criminal who made money on mortgage scams, and bring them to justice where they will be forced to make restitution, and then sent to re-education camps where they will walk on treadmills and help to light cities at night!  They will be taught right from wrong, and re-socialized to be sociable and to be socialists. 
  Capitalism and socialism can exist together, do not buy the billionaire’s bullshit.  the poor should not be suffering to further enrich those who are already too rich. Elect me, I need no contributions.  I just need your vote.  I will never lie to you and I will not fail, as you will be on my side.  If even one republican tea party asshole is elected, they will next steal the public parks and the public education system, and social security. Vote as left as you can, it’s your only hope.  Elect me!
   I will cut the military budget by billions and billions of dollars, freeing it up for American, not Iraqi infrastructure.  I will give back all the land stolen from native people here and in the middle east.  I will work to get Jerusalem divided into three parts, one for the vatican, islam and judaism, not zionism. 
   I will make peace among the jews by rebuilding the Temple and re-instituting the incredibly wonderful Sanhedrin Judgement System.  We will once again have charity and brotherhood as the cornerstone of the City of Jerusalem.  I will ex-communicate the Rothschild banking family from the Jewish People, and confiscate their wealth.  They are not the correct bloodline of the Messiah.  Know this, Jews!  I am from the House of David.  I will make peace, as Hashem guides me to do.  This is the Roseannearchy!!!