those israeli actors who refuse to perform in the settlement named

Ariel, thank you for being so brave!  Just to let you know, though, you have now opened the door for all of the Hollywood youth to rush over there and take your places. LOL! I think we should let them know that they will be looked down upon by american jews for peace and justice if they do that. Why is Israel so afraid of Peace?  Why is Hamas?  Why is the US?  peace can happen, if we want it.

 You guys should read the comments from zionists on any of the relevant blogs.  They do not want peace, because they have been programmed by their leaders to think of peace as a bad thing.  These are my thoughts:  any jew who wishes to leave israel should go ahead and do it right now.  You would be making a good decision. It is being set up by huge forces against it in and out.  These forces hate the Jewish people, religious or not.