my campaign slogans:

it doesnt matter what color you are, if you make under 200k you are getting fucked, red white brown black yellow or indigo child!  

or —
communism for the people, not just the upper one percent!
forty acres and a mule…each his own commune.  Mine is called Queen Emma’s Pele Nut Farm for weary old visionary goddess lovers, artists and do gooders who can actually manifest a mother fucking thing.  I got the real jewboy hookup tho, mr steven greener and for my, shall we call it, my means of nut distribution, mr marco di mercurio up in oahu. hey hiya hon!
  make it happen boys, give me a way to help employ the hawaiian people on the big island.  one in five is on government assistance.  this back woods country cannot figure out how to create jobs, unless its just to pay people in useless money.  what will gas cost in this new stimulused world?  are we being made socialists or totalitarians?  i know we need to cut down a large percentage of the population by ceasless war and murder, because that is what we are actually doing.  there must be a reason i have thought, until i realized there is no reason at all to any of it, its just a self rewarding machine that never stops paying out at the top.  the ones at the bottom feed it, believing the promises the churches told them…to think their way to wealth, the oathkeepers, the masons the priest class and it’s vast sisterhood that does all the work and dies first.
this rosh i will again do one on one battle against satan and every cell within my body where he hides and tries to re create himself.  I have the hook up, tho, Sa’.  I have the real jewboy hookup to the R N A.  I got the blood, the sacred undefiled jew blood, and I have not kept it pure.  Its got some sacred celtic fin american indian and phillipine spicing it up to the hot max!  When I am the Ruler of all earth, I will reward people with public parties and free eats once per week.  it will be heaven on earth if you elect me.  Trust me I know what I am telling you people.  I know the rothschild family personally and they listen to me.  If I want somebody to move out of my way, I simply say, excuse me, here’s a buck, and it always seems to work.  I do not believe in whacking people anymore, only in the guillotine after a fair trial, that’s all.  
another slogan:  Roseannearchy: The Death of the Beast!