i have decoded this stupid weiner fixation of theirs

the scam they are working on us is called “communism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor”.  they are so fucking arrogant (and soulless and damaged) they are sticking that beauty queen dominatrix shit to the liberals, and it’s working because liberals need to feel a bit beat up by women to fuel their rush to faux democracy that never includes women.  You little fucking pansies in your pink prancing tights and tight tutus know that granny is telling you that you need to get off drugs and drink and porn and gossip and self obsession and get my ass elected president of the usa and prime minister of israel (a two fer).  I know how to make peace with my cousins the palestinians.  they are israeli too and want to continue getting their share of the us welfare benefits that only a few Israelis are gleaning the pleasures of.  1 in 4 israeli children is hungry, as are all of their neighbor’s and his children too.  this is an outrage that is easily fixed, and I will fix it. There will be democracy and not oligarchy.  I want to see a three way split of jerusalem, and make that into an international city.  i envision a huge rothschilds funded building that conveys the interdependence of all the children of abraham, all three of the religions, which are all the same, until it comes to the name invoked.  In the name of the name that cannot be spoken, I say, let’s make peace jew to fellow jew/christian/muslim.  Let the grandmothers work it out for you boys, you are not capable of the vision of an old lady!  Trust me she has seen it all over and over at least three cycles of it.  You boys need to continue to live with your mothers close by until you are at least forty years of age, because you get into too much trouble, and there is no time left for that now.  step aside, boys and let a real woman (me) a chance to speak her mind!  Any country who censors old left wing jewish women does not deserve to exist at all.  there I have said it!  I confess, Hashem, I confess my sin of vanity!  I just cannot keep my big mouth shut no matter medicated or no, or even sober (as I have been for months now).