dear bill o:

I know you act amused at my campagin and say its for potheads and all that rot, but I know that you know in your heart that what I say is right and its true too.  My ideas are good for the working people in this country who’s honor glenn beck did not restore at all, but their honor actually needs no restoring, because they have never lost it, or betrayed it like Glenn Beck has. The honor of the working people of this country needs to be mentioned every now and then.  The workers of this country are honorable people.  they trusted bankers when they were approved for loans that the bank recommended they take out on the bubble they helped to create. they are losing their homes and you are calling them dishonorable?  How very fucking dare that buttlicker Beck the right to prattle his bullshit and then to ignore me when I call him on it. 

 I need to be elected, and like i said on the larry king show, I will make it illegal to have more than 100 million dollars.  I will tax every dime above that amount, until the people are paid back the reparations they deserve.  Obama appoint Cynthia Mckinney to the supreme court, your last Kagan woman is a business happy fat girl, and now you need a hardcore fat girl to balance her out.  Give us one progressive judge, you gotta do one thing right before the next election…throw the left a bone, give us the head of rahm emanuel, or Geithner that fucking slithering asshole of a punk ass ho. sumthin dude, keerist!