I am David! that is my family name.

I pray for Love to descend upon the hearts of all who live in Jerusalem this Ramadan-Rosh Hashana.  May we find a way to unite soon!  May Peace Prevail on earth!  May the righteous heart find it!  word to all three abrahamics: please find forgiveness and love in your heart because you choose to be a righteous human being, and not out of fear of the punishment of some God Above.  This is what Abraham told us all!  He was the world’s first astronomer.  He was a scientist who charted the movement of the planets and the stars, and noticed that they remain almost totally unchanged whether one believes in an idol or not.  It’s bigger than any of us, it is us, and yet we are not it!  There is only One Everything–

May all of the children of Abraham find peace first within their own hearts, where All is recorded in the Heavenly Record!  May your name be inscribed in the book of life this year, good people of this world! May G-d quicken your steps on the Road to bring about a New World of Godly Order and Justice.
happy new year will write more for meditators in a while.  turning in my book today.  they were so kind to keep giving me extentions for my crazy ass.