For cindy adams: cindy I do not get phone reception over here

so, someone tell her to read this—I got the break of my life when Scott offered me the greatest role in the world, written just for me by tommy who is the new tennesse, I swear to god.  I got to go to new york and read with phillip seymour hoffman,one of  my favorite actors, and the most underrated great actor in america, ethan hawke.  The play is such genius, so great so touching, and I was so excited and I tried so hard to make it work out for me.  I will probably die when I see Tyne Daly win that tony, and win it she will, and I will definitely hate her for it, but then I will repent for it the next rosh hashana so its ok.  My son is starting a new school and he is only fifteen and needs a full time mom.  that means me.  we had a water fight, me on the mule and him on foot –he won. 

  I want to come to the premiere and wish all of the actors and the new group the best!