evangelicals hate America–

They hate our president and they hate our government, and they hate every religion but the ones they get into the business of weapons sales with.  They were told that burning the koran will put our troops in harm’s way and they don’t even care about our troops now!  The week after Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin lied and said we must look to G-d and our troops in order to have our honor restored!   These people are assholes and opportunist who have absolutely no empathy for anyone, and no allegience to anything.  What fucking bible are they fucking reading?  Christ, not only must they always have an enemy, (and continutally invent one in order to manipulate fat white women who refuse to diet into going around blaming everything wrong with them and their miserable dishonest lives on the gays, or the poor, or on Jews, Christians, or Muslims. You are fat do something about it you tea party queens!  Stop eating everyone else’s share, and share some of those goodies you fat heiffers and hogs!  Stop smoking too, and drinking, and running your big stupid racist mouths.  You are hurting you own children’s futures by backing these snake oil salesmen who do not give a damn about you or about any unborn babies!  they only care about money–your money.  They are republicans and they took away everything you worked for.  Vote for the democrats this time, but only the out and out socialist democrats, or vote for me or vote for nader or vote for mckinney—but do not i repeat do not vote for any business friendly democrats!  that and only that is the only hope you have of remaining in your homes and getting decent doctors when you are sick!  do not i repeat do not vote for any conservatives or any business friendly candidates at all.  They are theives and warmongers, all! )

   Vote for me, I will fix this country by legalizing pot and hemp and taxing those profits, and by outlawing bullshit and sentencing the guilty to death, but a painless quick and humane death by the Guillotine! When Goldman Sachs is beheaded, there will be state sponsored parades and free eats!  
 I will reward incentive and inventiveness, not rob it blind, I will make assrapers like Madoff and Greenspan, may they soon rest in peace, pay the money back, every goddamn stolen dime of it. I will capture bin laden and make him tell us the whole truth about his daddy and the Bush family’s back room deals.  I will try both bush and cheney for treason, and for crimes against humanity. I will nationalize every dime of the upper one percent and create heaven on earth for all the poor in this country, and the world within one year.  I will personally knock on the door of the entire Rothschild family, and tell them that they have the power to save the world simply by moving the UN to Jerusalem, and declaring it an International City.  This will usher in the Messianic age and thwart Armageddon (satan’s plan for the world).  I will do it!  I am like David—I will do what needs to be done and I will not compromise in any way with assholes or with rahm emanuel.  I will kick the fed to the curb and repeal the income tax.  I will seek worthy and moral people for my advisers, and we will create a new way of doing things where the most valuable things matter the most everywhere on earth! 

 “Fuck Yeah! Vote for Me!”  Grannyrose 2012.